What Is A PEO?

Businesses today need help managing increasingly complex employee related matters such as health benefits, workers’ compensation claims, payroll, payroll tax compliance, and unemployment insurance claims. They partner with Atlantic Payroll Partners (APP) to assume these responsibilities and provide expertise in human resources management. This allows you to concentrate on the operational and revenue-producing side of your operations.

Businesses everywhere have discovered the incredible value of using Atlantic because we provide:

  • Relief from the burden of employment administration.
  • A wide range of personnel management solutions through a team of professionals.
  • Improved employment practices, compliance and risk management to reduce liabilities.
  • Assistance to improve productivity and profitability.

By removing these nonrevenue-producing administrative tasks, you have more time to concentrate on your core competencies. We are passionate about providing the best services and solutions possible, allowing you to focus on increasing your bottom line.