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Want better commissions and more satisfied clients?

Your clients are looking for exceptional, timely service and that’s what we enable you to deliver. We build long-term relationships with brokers and keep the interests of your clients at heart in order to provide the best value for them—and the highest commissions for you.

Because we focus on the big picture, instead of fast profits that lead to eventual insolvency, you and your clients can be assured of stability and long-term benefits. Our cost-effective HR administration and employee leasing solutions are designed with success in mind, enabling you to develop stronger and longer-lasting relationships with your clients.

If time is money, we’ll save you both.

Our HR professionals are qualified to handle complicated staffing issues like payroll, workers’ compensation, and insurance benefits. Let us take care of the paperwork, saving you hours of frustration. We’ll deliver the best deals for your clients and handle everything on the back end, so you’ll have more time to work on revenue-boosting initiatives.

We’re always open to new partners.

We welcome brokers interested in partnering with Atlantic Payroll Partners, and look forward to creating an agreement that will offer optimal benefits for you and your clients. Contact us anytime with questions, or to discuss our broker partnership terms.